Tour Central Europe - Central European Destinations  Tour Central Europe - Central European Destinations  Tour Central Europe - Central European Destinations  Tour Central Europe - Central European Destinations  Tour Central Europe - Central European Destinations  Tour Central Europe - Central European Destinations

Tour Central Europe offers small and custom group tours to select countries in Central Europe including the Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, the Slovak Republic, Poland, Hungary and others.

Testimonials About Our Central European Tours

Following is a selection of post-tour comments we have received over the years from our guests to central Europe. Over the years, with most of our guests, we have developed a long lasting friendship that we appreciate very much. We can put you in touch with one or more of them if you would like have some questions you may have about our trips answered. Just let us know.

"Sharing a multitude of unique and special travel adventures in a small group format creates the perfect way to experience new cultures and destinations. With Frank, it is more than a trip, it is memories for lifetime."
~Steve and Jane Short, Durango, CO (4-time tour participants)

“Thank you for the wonderful trip to the Czech Republic. We would never have considered going there without someone like you to plan the trip. It was first class with an astonishing surprise around every corner…we had a fabulous time.”
~Jerry and Karen Zink, CO

“Our Fristensky-led trip to the Czech Republic was a winner! We experienced historical, cultural, and archeological overviews of a lovely and fascinating part of the world in pleasurable and easily digested doses, with marvelous planning and attention to detail throughout. Excellent accommodations and great cuisine as well!”
~Clint and Mary Barter, CO (3-time tour participants)

“Our trip with Frank was outstanding. We appreciated his sharing his personal story which added to our understanding of the changing circumstances in the country. Mike’s efficiency and organizational skills really helped make this trip go smoothly and his “surprises” added fun and anticipation to each day.”
~Joe and Barbara Rezny, MO

“A++ in all aspects…..accommodations, meals, organization, activities, history & culture….the only way to discover the Czech Republic is with the Tour de Frank.”
~Norm and Jan Goldman, CO

"We are still reveling in the good feeling of having been with you on the trip to the Czech Republic (or is it still jet lag?) Thank you so much for a perfect trip. Your good planning and care showed in everything that we did, and made the trip memorable. We were truly so impressed with the country and its people. We especially appreciated the cleanliness, good food, and safe water. And the landscapes and cities were beautiful. Thank you for a wonderful couple of weeks, and we look forward to seeing you again."
~Ray and Maxine Hudson, Austin, TX

“It was a wonderful experience, and something I would never have done on my own. You selected such interesting and unusual places and things to do.”
~Pat Martin, CA

“Thank you so much for the wonderful preparation and organization from the home side, to put together this diverse and challenging experience. We had many wonderful adventures, and your offering is indeed unique from others. We appreciate your sharing your love of the homeland and offering Michael’s adventure just at the right time – up close and personal, an intimate visit to the Middle European lands, off highways and on byways!”
~Gordon and Marcia Clouser, CO

“I want you to know how much we enjoyed our adventure with you and the group. Since we have never traveled with a group before, I think we were both a little apprehensive as to how it would work out. I loved not having to deal with a spouse who was driving in foreign countries, not have to make food decisions, etc. Besides, your choices of locations and adventures was really so entertaining and often unusual. You really came through and personally made our trip more rewarding with your insights and great attitude. Thanks again.”
~Jack and Margo Cassidy, CO

“I loved every minute of the trip! Each day was full of beautiful scenery, delicious food, interesting cities, great people, and lots of laughs. Frank and Mike made the Slovenia/Croatia trip an awesome adventure."
~Marsha Masterson, CO

"Words cannot describe how much I loved the photo tour with you. You were always so pleasant and helpful. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the opportunity to travel with you. Your home country is beautiful and I am taking away a lot of great memories. We were fortunate to have such a compatible group." ~Melanie Spitzer, Portland, OR

"Our trip with Frank to the Czech Republic was magical, like a living walk through history. Frank and Mike do such an amazing job of providing diverse and balanced experience of the Czech country including large cities, small picturesque towns, rural countryside and forest with castles in them, beautiful rivers and musical performances. Having Frank and Mike as natives who speak the language and know the hidden spots gave the whole trip such a personal touch. We were able to experience the Czech land, their people and culture in a way we couldn't on our own."
~Bonnie Schmidt and Calixto Cabrera, Durango, CO

"This trip was by far the best of our four visits to Europe. I think, it was because Frank, Mike, Kamil, along with their multitude of contacts all knowing how to reveal the interest of our group. We were able to enjoy culture, history, personal histories,, current atmosphere, and still keep enlightening on our ancestry There were many superb surprises and personal touches too numerous to mention here. You did an amazing job!"
~Ken and Bonnie Feltz, Eau Claire, WI

"Traveling to the Czech Republic for nearly a month with my 23 year old daughter was my dream for a decade. Frank made the process from start to finish a joy. The custom journey he helped us actualize proved to be more than I could have ever wished for. Instead of bumping up against snags and problematic logistics, we cruised through our adventure with each day unfolding in ways one can only experience in the Czech Republic! Treat yourself, let Frank arrange your dream European adventure!!"
~Beverly Capelin, Durango, CO (custom tour)

"Dear Frank, how can I ever thank you for what you gave me? I've never felt more alive, more content, more at home than on the trip. Your energy and love of life was so refreshing. You are one special man, my Friend. Keep in touch. Thank you so much for the trip of my dreams. You're the best!!!!!"
~Diann M. Bartek, TX

"This was another fabulous trip with interesting activities, sights, food, accommodations, and friends. Having 12 people was nice sized group and it was even better that we all got along so well. It also say something about the quality of your trips when this was a second or third trip for most of us."
~Rudy and Andie Davison, Durango, CO

"Your excellent leadership got us all organized in the morning and throughout the day. I especially liked having you explain where we were going and what we were going to see and do each day because as an older person I see that my memory needs reinforcing as to the daily itinerary. And you were so good at answering everyone's questions."
~Rudy Davison, Durango, CO