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Tour Central Europe offers small and custom group tours to select countries in Central Europe including the Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, the Slovak Republic, Poland, and Hungary.

2018 Adriatic Splendor: Slovenia, Croatia and the Adriatic Sea

Tour Details

Departure: Monday, September 3, 2018*
*From your point of departure in the US for Ljubljana
Pick-up: Tuesday, September 4, 2018 from Ljubljana/Brnik Airport (L JU)
Returning: Friday, September 21, 2018 from Ljubljana

 Tour Central Europe - Central European Destinations

Once upon a time, Yugoslavia was a country in Southeastern Europe during most of the 20th century. It came into existence after World War I in 1918. After an economic and political crisis in the 1980s, Yugoslavia broke up, at first into five countries, which led to the Yugoslav Wars. Today there are seven independent countries that rose from the ashes of former Yugoslavia's turmoil. Still today, many people struggle to understand the complicated breakup of Yugoslavia and how these countries evolved to its present form.

To help you understand Yugoslavia’s rich history, we are inviting you to experience two remarkable and fascinating countries of Slovenia and Croatia. In Slovenia, you will experience with the dominating Julian Alps and WW I sites, deep gorges and the mysterious area of Karst, green forests and pastures, vineyards and the first "taste" of the Adriatic Sea at Piran. Croatia will make you wonder where to place it. You will find fascinating coastline with hidden coves, the turquoise Adriatic Sea, historic Roman villages and ruins, Venetian bell towers and dramatic mountains. The Dalmatian Coast dominated by many islands in the Adriatic to the spectacular Dubrovnik in the very South. Venturing inland through the mountain ranges to the stunning waterfalls and turquoise colored lakes at Plitvice Lakes National Park. We will conclude our adventure in Ljubljana, the city of love and capital of Slovenia. In both countries you will be spoiled by their culinary specials, such as seafood and tasty local wines.

Tour Highlights:
Lake side town of Bled • Vingtar cascade gorge • fairy-tale village of Radovljica – breathtaking exploration of the Vrsic Pass (WW I historical sites) in the Julian Alps • Lipica, the home of the noble white Lipizzaner horses • Postojna Caves, one of the world’s most impressive underground caves • ancient coastal town of Piran on the Slovenian Adriatic • historic central Dalmatian city of Sibenik • romantic cities of Stari Grad and Hvar on the Mediterranean island of Hvar • the "Pearl of the Adriatic, the old town of Dubrovnik • city of Split including the ancient Diocletian’s Palace • National Park Krka and the waterfalls at Skradinski Buk • hiking in the picturesque Plitvice Lakes National Park • historic Ljubljana, and much more.

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DAY 1:
Arrival and pick-up in Ljubljana, Slovenia capital city's airport in Brnik. From the airport we will depart due Northeast to the city of Bled, ABOUT 45 minutes away. Bled is the only lakeside town in Slovenia situated in a serene valley beneath craggy mountains. Lake Bled, Slovenia’s leading mountain resort comes complete with a sweeping alpine panorama, a fairy- tale island, a cliff-hanging medieval castle, a lakeside promenade, and the country’s most sought after dessert - vanilla-custard-and-cream cake - called kremna rezina.

Depending on our arrival, there will be time on your own to cruise through a portion of the city.
Overnight in Bled.

DAY 2:
In the morning there will time for us to relax and/or take a walk to the nearby lake. After lunch we will take a boat trip to a medieval Tyrolean-style cloister Bled nestled on the wooded island of Otok.

Next, there will be a visit to the medieval Bled Castle majestically overlooking the town and the lake. Following the Bled Castle tour we will enjoy a welcome dinner and tour orientation.
Overnight in Bled.


"I loved every minute of the trip! Each day was full of beautiful scenery, delicious food, interesting cities, great people, and lots of laughs. Frank and Mike made the Slovenia/Croatia trip an awesome adventure."
-Marsha Masterson, CO

DAY 3:
This day is calling for a day filled with fun activities. The first excursion will take us to the Vingtar cascade gorge and a very pleasant mile-long scenic hike along the “wild” River Radovna. Vingtar is a very interesting nature gap which is above the roaring water cascades ending in a waterfall. Boardwalks and bridges put you right in the middle of the action. In the afternoon we will visit the historic town of Radovljica, located nearby Bled.

After lunch we will drive to the Bohinjske Lake, Slovenia's largest lake. It's brooding and mystical feel are encouraged by the steep mountain faces that rise out of the lake on the northern side, with mountain peaks also dominating the background to the west and south. If it is nature and alpine beauty you long for, then Bohinj is your number one choice! Take the cable car to the top of the range of Triglav (Slovenian Alps), where a cable car whizzes us up to the summit of Mount Vogel (5100 feet) in no time – if the Alps look dramatic from the lakeside, from Vogel’s summit they’re breathtaking.

In the evening, we will enjoy a private dinner with musical entertainment at a family farm Mulej located in the village Selo, in the close vicinity of Bled.
Overnight in Bled.

"Andie and I so thoroughly enjoyed your Slovenia and Croatia trip so this book is a gift to you for putting together one of the most memorable trips we have ever taken – and we have taken many."
-Rudy and Andie Davison, Durango, CO

DAY 4:
Most of this day we will spend traveling and indulging in the natural beauty of the Triglav National Park. This park is situated in the Julian Alps and we will be driving up and over the Vrsic Pass (el. 5300 feet). The road across the pass was built for military purposes, to supply the Isonzo front of World War I. Opened in late 1915, it is currently known as Russian Road, renamed in July 2006 to honor the Russian prisoners of war that were forced to build it and many of whom died. In their memory the prisoners built next to the road a wooden Russian Church. Following lunch at the top of Vrsic Pass we will continue down on the other side of the mountains via the Soca River Valley. This circular drive features some spectacular mountain scenery, as well as some offbeat WWI sights.

We may arrive later in the afternoon or early evening. The rest of the day is at your leisure.
Overnight in Bled.

DAY 5:
Following breakfast we will continue to Postojnska Jama (Cave) – one of the world’s most impressive underground caves. Slovenia boasts several fine cave systems, but Postojna is arguably the best.

After lunch, we will continue to Lipica – home of the noble white horses Lipizzaners situated in wonderful natural park like setting. We will enjoy touring this famous horse farm and stables. The stables were founded by the son of Keiser Ferdinand I. Charles in 1580. The horses were and still are used for leading the royal chariots.

We will continue to the ancient coastal town of Piran located at the Adriatic Sea.
Overnight in Piran.

DAY 6:
This day will be very relaxing and enjoyable by spending all day on our own to explore the ancient seaside town of Piran. Slovenia owns only 29 miles of Adriatic coastline and it includes the Back Door gem of the Slovenian Adriatic, Piran. It’s main square spills into its harbor. Enjoy a gelato or a "kava" on its sleek marbled square, surrounded by neoclassical buildings and watched over by a bell tower. Wander its piers and take a lot of pictures at sunset. Enjoy a spectacular seafood and pasta feast in a very domestic atmosphere.

There will be a fresh fish dinner on a private fishing boat coasting the Golfo di Trieste.
Overnight in Piran.

DAY 7:
In the morning, we will be depart Piran and continue to Croatia. Our destination of the day will be the town of Sibenik (5 hours travel time). Sibenik is a historic city in Croatia, located in central Dalmatia where the river Krka flows into the Adriatic Sea. It's distinguished by landscape beauty and rich cultural-historical monuments. It is part of Sibenik, Knin country, the area stretches along the coast between seaside of Split and Zadar in a length of 60 miles. All other cities on the Adriatic were Greek, Roman, and Byzantine's, Sibenik takes a special place as a "new city," founded as a balance to the Byzantine’s Dalmatia. That's why Sibenik is the oldest Croatian city on the Adriatic.
Overnight in Sibenik

"We saw so much of the country that nobody ever sees. It was fantastic. Thank you Frank and Michael."
-Tom and Marion Montgomery, Citrus Heights, CA

DAY 8:
Following breakfast, we will be head further South to Split (1.5 hour travel time). We will head directly to Split's harbor where we will board a boat ferry (2 hours boat ride). The ferry will take us to the beautiful Mediterranean island of Hvar. Upon arrival and to readjust from the boat ride, we may enjoy a casual stroll or just have coffee, wine, or gelato in the small ancient town of Stari Grad (Old Town). It is one of the oldest towns in Europe (384 b.c.) and it used to be called Pharos. We will then continue on to the town of Hvar.

Since Hvar is situated in the middle of the main sea routes, history has left many traces in the villages in middle of astonished natural beauty. Hvar is an island of heather, sunshine and crickets, an island of lavender, sage, rosemary, and wine.

Upon settling in our hotel, there will be time on your own to explore the harbor, the old town, or just take a walk to the beach.
Overnight in Hvar.

Slovenia and Croatia Europe TourDAY 9:
As per request from many previous tour participants, we will spend a full day at leisure in this magnificent and historical city. There are many things to do, so enjoy this day on your own.
Overnight in Hvar.



DAY 10:
After breakfast we will travel (2 hour travel time) across this spectacular island to catch a ferryboat at Drvenik that will take us back to the mainland (45 minute boat ride). Continue travel by car (2.5 hour travel time) south along the very picturesque Jadran Coastal Highway to Dubrovnik, called the “Pearl of the Adriatic” and situated on the Dalmatian Coast. Tour the old town of Dubrovnik by night.
Overnight in Dubrovnik.

DAY 11:
Today we discover the city whose ancient walls have withstood both time and tide for a hundred years, and more recently, the attack during the Serbian invasion of the early 1990s. The city is now repaired, renewed, and ready to show off its many charms. We begin with a guided walking tour through Old Town that will take us to some of the most important sights such as Luza Square, Sponza Palace, Rector’s Palace, the old harbor, the stately Baroque Cathedral, and not to forget the walk along the city’s walls.
Overnight in Dubrovnik.

"I had wonderful time on our Slovenia/Croatia; excellent sites, guides, meals, culture. Good amount of free time . Frank and Mike were very accommodating and professional when change of plans/itinerary as neccessary."
- Mike Bencic, Flagstaff, AZ

DAY 12:
This day is reserved for our leisure in Dubrovnik.
Overnight in Dubrovnik.

"Dear Frank, how can I ever thank you for what you gave me? I've never felt more alive, more content, more at home than on the trip. Your energy and love of life was so refreshing. You are one special man, my Friend. Keep in touch. Thank you so much for the trip of my dreams. You're the best!!!!!"
-Diann M. Bartek, TX

DAY 13:
Leaving Dubrovnik this morning we travel due northwest on the inland highway to Split (approx. 4 hour travel time). Split is the main city of the central Dalmatian Coast and home of Diocletian’s Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the center of the city. Built by the Roman emperor Diocletian at the end of the 3rd century, the palace and the ruins, eventually formed the historic heart of picturesque Split. We will take a tour of the Diocletian Palace.
Overnight outside of Split.

DAY 14:
Leaving Split, we follow the coastal route to the National Park Krka. At the southern part of the National Park at Skradin, we will embark on one the river's ferry on the Krka River to the magnificent waterfalls at Skradinski Buk (there, we can go for a swim). Krka National Park shows the Croatian karst at its best.
Overnight in Sibenik.

Slovenia and Croatia Europe Tour

DAY 15:
Leaving Sibenik, we head deep into the mountains of Croatia from sea level to nearly 5000 ft. above the sea level to the Plitvice National Park (approx. 3.5 hour travel time). This park is the first and most natural park in the country.

Depending on our arrival time, we may be able to visit a small portion of the park on our own.
Overnight in Plitvice Lakes.

DAY 16:
Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of Europe’s most spectacular natural wonders. Imagine Niagara Falls diced and sprinkled over a heavily forested Grand Canyon. Plitvice Lakes National Park is a dramatic string of 16 turquoise-colored lakes connected by a series of waterfalls, cascades, caves, and miles of pleasant plank walks. Once known as Devils Garden, this intriguing natural landscape of karst formations and abundant wildlife is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We will have the opportunity to explore the park all day long on our own.
Overnight in Plitvice Lakes.

DAY 17:
This morning we will travel from Plitvice to Ljubljana (approx. 4 hour travel time).

Afternoon on our own in Ljubljana. Ljubljana, a lazy old town clustered around a castle-topped mountain is often compared to Salzburg. While there are few must-see sights, the town’s biggest attraction is its ambience. The Ljubljana River, lined with cafes, restaurants, and buzzing outdoor markets, divides the city in half. Most sights are either along or just a short walk from the river, which is crossed by several interesting bridges.

Tonight we celebrate our adventure with a farewell dinner.
Overnight in Ljubljana.

DAY 18:
This morning we transfer to the airport in Ljubljana/Brnik Airport (LJU) for our return flights to the US.

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Tour Specifications and Pricing

We will be traveling in a private air-conditioned small bus and staying in nice country places with the usual comfort. The tour price includes all accommodations with all breakfasts, 1 lunch, 11 dinners (beverages are not included), all land transportation, transfer from/to the airport (only on tour's arriving and departing days), tickets for all planned events, local guides where needed, boat brides, services of Tour Central Europe's Tour Directors, and special events. Round trip airfare from your point of departure is not included.

Your tour cost (all land arrangements as described above):

• Double room occupancy: $4,950.00 per person
• Single room occupancy: $5,425.00

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Limited space reservation of 12 travelers on first come, first serve basis.

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We would like to suggest arranging your own round trip air travel from your hometown to and from Ljubljana/Brnik Airport (L JU)). Please contact us first prior to finalizing your reservation. If you are not able to make your own travel plans we can assist you.

In order to get full benefit of this trip, adequate physical conditioning is recommended due to a good amount of walking and hiking. If you require assistance getting around, this tour may not be appropriate for you. Please contact us prior making decision to discuss it further.

We are strongly recommending to purchase a travel insurance to protect yourself and your investment in case you have to cancel or interrupt this tour. In order to provide you with the most effective coverage, the policy exclusion for "Pre-Existing Conditions" will be waived if you purchase a plan within 14 days of making your initial deposit payment for your trip. Please let us help you with securing your travel insurance.
Please consult the “Reservations” and “Terms & Conditions/Travel Insurance” sections for more detailed information.

In order to secure the best possible airfare and our reserved hotels, please register early! Registration for this tour closes on April 15, 2017.

(If there is still space available, late registration is possible).


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