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Tour Central Europe offers small and custom group tours to select countries in Central Europe including the Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, the Slovak Republic, Poland, and Hungary.

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The Czech Republic is a country of fairytale castles, forests, rolling hills, lakes, music and art, medieval towns and chateaux. This tour will circle the country beginning in magnificent Prague, continuing with picturesque towns, country sites with towering castles, and forest hikes.



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DAY 1:
After arriving in Prague (Praha in Czech) (1, 100,000 pop.), we check into our hotel. Depending on our arrival, there might be time on your own.  It is amazing what 25 years of freedom can do. Prague has always been historic. Now it is fun too. No place in Europe has become so popular so quickly. And for good reasons: Prague, the only Eastern European capital to escape the bombs of the last century’s wars, is one of Europe’s best-preserved cities. It is filled with sumptuous Art Nouveau facades, offers great musical entertainment, galleries, amazing museums and restaurants, and brews the best beer in Europe (perhaps in the World). Prague is the town of thousands of red roofs and spires.
Overnight in Prague.

“Our Fristensky-led trip to the Czech Republic was a winner! We experienced historical, cultural, and archeological overviews of a lovely and fascinating part of the world in pleasurable and easily digested doses, with marvelous planning and attention to detail throughout. Excellent accommodations and great cuisine as well!”
-Clint and Mary Barter, CO

DAY 2:
This morning we tour Prague with a local guide.  We explore the Hradcany (the Prague Castle) district, home of the distinctive castle towering above the Vltava River.  The castle today is the seat of the president of the Czech Republic. We stroll down along the Golden Lane, with its picturesque artisans’ cottages.  We cross the famous Charles Bridge into the Old Town Square with its Astronomical Clock Tower. We also walk along the Vltava River, passing by the National Theater and visit the Jewish Quarter. There are many other very interesting sites to see as we walk with our guide.

The remainder of the day is free to continue exploring this enchanting city on your own. We will gather for a celebration dinner with musical entertainment on a private boat on the Vltava River.
Overnight in Prague.

DAY 3: Tour of the Czech Republic
We travel west to Karlovy Vary (52,000 pop.), a world famous hot springs town. Karlovy Vary is quite literally built on water.  There are 15 hot springs housed in or near five colonnades along the Tepla River. The legend has it that Karlovy Vary’s hot springs were stumbled upon by pure chance.  They were discovered by a dog, which fell into the first of the town’s springs while out on a hunting trip with Emperor Charles IV.  The town soon became a magnet for European aristocrats.  The opulent 19th and early 20th century grandiose architecture forms a two-sided colonnade along the river Tepla that runs through the middle of town.  A local guide gives us a tour.

This afternoon there is free time to enjoy the town on your own.  Stroll the promenade, shop the many interesting stores, and visit the Grand Hotel Pupp where the majority of the movie “The Last Holiday” with Queen Latifa was filmed.  Some of the hot springs spas are open for public use.
Overnight in Karlovy Vary.

DAY 4:
After breakfast, we tour the world famous Moser lead free crystal glass making factory. A visit to the Moser Glass Factory is a pleasure to everyone who enjoys crystal, glass products and the art of glass making. Engraver Ludwig Moser established the original glass factory and shop in 1857. Moser glass has been sought out ever since for its outstanding quality and artistry and is known worldwide as the “glass of kings”. All products are made by hand in an array of shapes and Moser signature colors.

Following the glass factory visit we travel to the nearby Loket Castle. It is a 12th-century Gothic style castle located about 12 km from Karlovy Vary on a massive rock in the town of Loket. It is surrounded on three sides by the Ohře river. Once known as "the Impregnable Castle of Bohemia", because of its thick walls, it is one of the oldest and most valuable historical stone castles in the Czech lands. Upon return to Karlovy Vary, you will have time to explore the town at your leisure.
Overnight in Karlovy Vary.

"We are still reveling in the good feeling of having been with you on the trip to the Czech Republic (or is it still jet lag?) Thank you so much for a perfect trip. Your good planning and care showed in everything that we did, and made the trip memorable. We were truly so impressed with the country and its people. We especially appreciated the cleanliness, good food, and safe water. And the landscapes and cities were beautiful. Thank you for a wonderful couple of weeks, and we look forward to seeing you again."
-Maxine and Ray Hudson, Austin, TX

DAY 5:
After breakfast we travel to Plzen (163,000 pop.), the capital of the western Czech Republic that was liberated by General Patton’s 3rd Army in 1945.  In 1295 A.D., the city of Nova Plzen (New Plzen) was founded by Czech King Wenceslas II on the confluence of the Radbuza and Mze rivers, 6 miles northwest of the original Old Plzen. New Plzen grew rapidly and soon became not only an important commercial center, but also the third Royal Town in Bohemia following Praha and Kutna Hora. Plzen has preserved its prominent position among Czech towns to the present day, 700 years after its founding. Plzen is an important cultural, economic, transport, commercial and industrial center, known primarily for the products of Plzen Brewery (Pilsner Urquell) and Skoda Engine Works. We will tour the town followed by lunch in
the world famous brewery of “Pilsner Urquel” beer.

Tour of the Czech RepublicAfter lunch, we travel to the small town of Klatovy (23,500 pop.), located in the Plzen Region.  The King Premysl Otakar II founded Klatovy during 1260-1263.  We will have some time to explore Klatovy's historical main square with its important historic sites such as: the Black Tower, reaching a height of 81 meters (245 feet) and built between 1547-1557, and the Baroque Pharmacy, “U Bileho jednorozce” (At the White Unicorn), a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Following the Klatovy visit to our final destination of this day, we will make a stop at one of the youngest Czech castles, the Water Castle of Svihov, which was constructed at the turn of the 15th century. After that, we will travel to a nearby village of Jindrichovice to spend the evening and night at a very cozy  private farm Chateux of Jindrichovice. Evening will be spend at a camp fire with grilling of Czech sausages.
Overnight at Jindrichovice Chateaux.

DAY 6:
This morning we travel to Sumava (the Bohemian Black Forest) in the Southwest part of the country.  This low mountain range extends from Southwest Bohemia to Austria and Bavaria in Germany.  The forest is comprised of heavily forested mountains with an average elevation of 2,400 to 4,200 feet.  As a border region, it has had a complicated history.  In the 20th century it was literally part of the Iron Curtain, and large areas were stripped of human occupation.  These unique circumstances led to the preservation of nature and forest ecosystems relatively unspoiled by human activity.

We will hike about 2.5 miles along the Vydra River in the Sumava Forest. In the afternoon visit the monumental Kasperk Castle. It is well preserved and picturesque castle sitting on the rock spit above the Otava river. It is the highest situated royal castle in Bohemia.
Overnight in Kasperske Hory.

DAY 7:Tour of the Czech Republic
We depart this morning for Cesky Krumlov (14,000 pop.), a small ancient city in the South Bohemian Region (UNESCO World Heritage Site). Construction of the town and the castle began in the late 13th century at a ford in the Vltava River. The core of the old town is within a horseshoe bend of the river. The famous Krumlov Castle contains a preserved Baroque theater (dated at 1776), complete with original stage machinery, scenery and props.  We enjoy a guided tour of the picturesque town, the castle and the Baroque theater.

We are free to explore the city’s many special small shops, galleries, and cafes on our own. We will have dinner and a special evening concert.
Overnight in Cesky Krumlov.

DAY 8:
All day at our leisure in this historic and very picturesque town.
Overnight in Cesky Krumlov.

DAY 9:
Following a restful and enjoyable day, we continue to the town of Slavonice, which is situated in the Bohemian-Moravian Uplands near the river Dyje.  Slavonice borders three historical territories:  Bohemia, Moravia and Austria. We will make as top at a ceramic shop Marin for a “craft adventure” in which each participant will paint his/her own ceramic pot that can be taken home. 

After lunch we continue to Telc (6,000 pop.), a picturesque South-Bohemian town, where we tour the stunning town square.  The square is huge and is bordered on three sides by 16th century Renaissance houses that were built on the ruins of Gothic structures. We then continue to the small town of Nova Rise where we visit a cloister’s unique library.

After Nova Risa, we we head for Mikulov, located near the Austrian border.  Here we enjoy an evening dinner and “program” in the Mikulov cave’s wine cellar.
Overnight in Mikulov.

"Our trip with Frank to the Czech Republic was magical, like a living walk through history. Frank and Mike do such an amazing job of providing diverse and balanced experience of the Czech country including large cities, small picturesque towns, rural countryside and forest with castles in them, beautiful rivers and musical performances. Having Frank and Mike as natives who speak the language and know the hidden spots gave the whole trip such a personal touch. We were able to experience the Czech land, their people and culture in a way we couldn't on our own."
-Bonnie Schmidt and Calixto Cabrera, Durango, CO

DAY 10:
After breakfast, we travel to Lednice to tour one of the most spectacular chateaux in the country. The chateau, built in 1856, is neo-Gothic, with carved wood interiors. The extensive gardens that include lakes, a pavilion, and a Turkish-style minaret will be visited by a horse-drawn carriage and by boat.

We continue to Zlin, (50,000 pop.), the 3rd largest city in the Moravian part of the country. Zlin lies along the river Drevenice in a mild climatic area of southeastern Moravia.  It is also a crossroads for the ethnographic boundaries of the Walachian ,Hana and Moravian-Slovak Regions. The city is famous as the birthplace of the founder of the colossal Bata Shoe empire, Thomas Bata.
Overnight  in Zlin.

Tour of the Czech RepublicDAY 11:
Today we travel to Vizovice, home of the Czech plum brandy Slivovice, and a tour of the original Jelinek Slivovice factory.

In the afternoon, we continue to Roznov pod Radhostem (Frank lived in this town for 15 years). The region of Roznov is situated at the foot of the Moravian Beskids Mountains. This is the most frequented region of the district with many significant cultural memorials and all season recreational activities. The most popular attraction in Roznov is the Walachian Open-Air Museum. The museum provides treasures of the popular architecture, trades and life of the Walachian countryside in the 19th century. Dinner in the Walachian Village  with musical entertainment.
Overnight in Roznov.

DAY 12:
We leave for Mt. Radhost (near Roznov) and hike to the chapel of St. Cyril and St. Methodius.  The Chapel dates to 1898 and is the place of frequent international pilgrimages.

You have the afternoon to further explore the town of Roznov. Dinner is on your own.
Overnight in Roznov.

DAY 13:
We travel west to Litovel, to the home of Frank’s granduncle Gustav Fristensky, world-renowned Greco-Roman wrestler.  Here we visit his estate and family. The  little town of Litovel is situated in the Morava river basin in the beautiful protected  area called the Upper-Moravian dale. Litovel is proud of its 700 year long history.  It is documented by numerous historical buildings and a copious collection in the local museum.  We are given a tour of Litovel’s unique brewery after which we have lunch.Tour of the Czech Republic

After lunch, we continue to Olomouc (101,000 pop.), Frank’s birth place. The historical city center of Olomouc is the most renowned and best-preserved city in all of Moravia. It reflects the most important moments in the governmental, spiritual, artistic and civic developments of a thousand years of history. We will have a guided tour of the town's most important historical sites.
Overnight in Olomouc.

DAY 14:
In the morning we will a stop at the castle Bouzov. It is the country's one of the most spectacular castles.
Many fairly-tale movies were filmed at its compounds.

We continue to the private castle of Vilemov.  Here, we go back 500 years, back in time to the Middle Ages.  We move into the castle’s private suites and relax in the castle’s surroundings.  In the evening we dressed in medieval attire and experience an era appropriate, festive dinner followed by live chamber
Overnight in the castle Vilemov.

"A++ in all aspects...accommodations, meals, organization, activities, history & culture....the only way to discover the Czech Republic is with the Tour de Frank."
-Norm and Jan Goldman, Durango, CO

DAY 15:
We leave this morning for Prague.  After we reach the capital city, the remainder of the day is yours to relax, shop or to continue exploring the city on your own.  A farewell dinner and an evening performance in the National Theater or the State Opera House is planned.
Overnight in Prague.

Tour of the Czech RepublicDAY 16:
Early this morning, we transfer to the airport in Prague for our connecting flights to the U.S.

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