Tour Central Europe - Central European Destinations  Tour Central Europe - Central European Destinations  Tour Central Europe - Central European Destinations  Tour Central Europe - Central European Destinations  Tour Central Europe - Central European Destinations  Tour Central Europe - Central European Destinations

Tour Central Europe offers small and custom group tours to select countries in Central Europe including the Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, the Slovak Republic, Poland, Hungary and others.

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We specialize in small group tours, creating and delivering a very personal approach for your travel requirements.
Passionately designed tours, enhancing your Central European experience!

Private, Small Group &
Custom Tours Exclusively with
Frank Fristensky

Take your family or small group on a private tour with Frank Fristensky, customized just for you. Group sizes can range from 2–6+. Here are a few custom tour ideas. Check our Central European custom tours page for more information.

Possible Custom Central European Tours
  • Jewish Heritage and Cultural
  • Czech Heritage/Ancestery
  • Photography
  • Spa, Fitness and Wellness
  • Beer, Wine & Culinary
  • Castles & Chateaux
  • Music, Art and Cultural
  • Educational and Alumni
  • Royal Capitals

Check the Czechs:
Czech Republic Tour

May 5 – May 20, 2023
Tour of the Czech Republic
EuroAm Travel Club - Central European DestinationsThe Czech Republic is a country of fairytale castles, forests, rolling hills, lakes, music and art, medieval towns and chateaux.

This tour will circle the country beginning in magnificent Prague, continuing with picturesque towns, country sites with towering castles, and forest hikes.

Alps and Dolomites Tour

May 26 – June 7, 2023
Central European Tours of the Alps and Dolomites in Germany, Austria and Northern ItalyThis unique tour will take you through the most spectacular alpine regions of Western Europe, designed with Tour Central Europe’s traditional high standards in mind. This tour will provide you with comprehensive and enjoyable traveling experience.

Following our first tour of this breath taking region in 2012, we refined certain aspects of the tour to make it even more attractive. We added some off the beaten path sites where you would find very few American tourists. Our goal is to introduce you to the most beautiful and cultural sites and the places you always wished to visit: small villages, postcard-perfect outdoor sites, as well as a sampling of local cultural and culinary fares.

Adriatic Splendor:
Slovenia, Crotia and
Adriatic Sea Tour

Date: TBA
Slovenia, Crotia and the Adriatic Sea TourExperience the remarkable and untouched history and culture of two fascinating countries of Slovenia and Croatia. We will tour the dominating Julian Alps, deep gorges and green country sites in Slovenia, the ancient towns along the blue Adriatic Sea, and the spectacular old city of Dubrovnik.

Wellness, Spa & Cultural Tour
The Czech Republic

Date: TBA
EuroAm Travel Club - Central European Destinations This special tour has been designed with these important considerations on our minds:

1. Reduced traveling days between places and more comfort.
2. Enjoying historic spa-towns, their offerings and other activities for more days.
3. Convenient day trips without moving from hotel to hotel.
4. Spectacular itinerary that combines spa-towns, villages, castles, the countryside, music, history, shopping and culinary experiences in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

Heart of Europe:
Central European Tour

Date: TBA
Tour of the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary
EuroAm Travel Club - Central European DestinationsBoth leisurely and comprehensive, this tour provides a generous overview of these distinctly different, and fascinating nations: four countries that share a very similar turbulent history.

This experience will allow you exclusive access to cultural, musical, and culinary specialties of each country.

Jewish Heritage Tour

Date: TBA
EuroAm Travel Club - Central European DestinationsThe stories of Holocaust survivors fill millions of pages and thousands of hours of recorded interviews. Relatively few texts, however, have been devoted to the impact the Holocaust has had on the children of survivors. We, the children, call ourselves “The Second Generation.” We were born into a safe, post-Holocaust world but nonetheless shared our families’ experience. We will offer presentations by noted authors and lecturers who have devoted their lives to researching and writing about the Second Generation.

Our Happy Travelers

Why travel to Central Europe?

For obvious reasons, the former Eastern bloc countries were not a travel destination for most Americans during the more than 40 years of communist rule. Today the Iron Curtain is history. But for many Americans Central Europe is still a mysterious place. This uncertainty, in addition to the language challenge and perceived safety issues, prevents many from traveling to this part of the world, particularly outside the main visited areas.

Central Europe, however, has blossomed since the end of communism. Our Central European destinations are ready to introduce you to a new world of exciting cultural adventure, more rewarding than you might ever have imagined.


We ARE different! We are not a mass group travel service operator. We cover the territories that we personally know best. We go beyond the capitals and larger cities in each country and venture into the countryside. We show you cultural, historical, natural, musical, and culinary varieties of every region we visit. We want you to know the people, feel the new sites, and make memories for lifetime.

Central Europe is coming alive as one of the world’s most desirable travel destinations. Today, many tour operators offer a wide range of travel programs. Many, however, do not deliver what we are able to: a great mix of activities along with off-the-beaten-path experiences—something only a small group can do.

Because we serve only small groups, we are creating and delivering a very personal approach to your travel experience. We carefully design each tour with passion and love and diligently select our voyages with our travelers in mind. We proudly operate each of our tours personally; no subcontractors. We are constantly creating special experiences for our travelers, and often going beyond the itinerary. We excel in covering territories that we know well, and therefore we are able to show our travelers places that deviate from conventional travel companies offerings.

We therefore aim for your ability to explore and understand the local life, culture and heritage in every region and country we visit. We want it to touch your heart!

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